I’ve always been interested in my relationship with place and the bonds I created with it (or it with me) as a source of comfort, stability, and personal identity. I believe that many people can and do develop deep and powerful connections with certain places that can, consciously or unconsciously, strongly inform their sense of personal identity.

I am primarily a street photographer, but my photographic journey has been an evolution. I’m not interested in photographing the world in the same way that I did five years ago. I originally created this space as a travel website, focused on a few of the many countries I’ve visited. As years passed, my interests and aesthetics changed; I am now more interested in developing project-based work that incorporates storytelling with the greater use of ambiguous mages that hopefully stimulate a viewer’s own personal narratives.

My website galleries are organized under the headings of (Travel) Galeries and Ongoing Interests. My project work is located under Ongoing Interests.

Thanks for visiting my small space on the internet. I hope you enjoy and connect with what you see here.

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-Michael Richardson