I grew up in Philadelphia, the only child of older parents who immigrated from Ireland and England.  I’ve been photographing the world around me for the past 10 years, more seriously in the past three to five years.

I lost my father when I was 10. I’ve always been interested in my relationship with Place and the bonds I created with it (or it with me) as a source of comfort, stability, and more importantly, personal identity. I believe Place can have a metaphysical spirit and energy. I am primarily a street/documentary photographer with specific interests in Place and how it can manifest as a strong source of identity for the people who occupy it.

My journey as a photographer has been an evolution. I’m not interested in photographing the world in the same way that I did five years ago. I originally created this space as a travel website, focused on a few of the many countries I’ve visited. As years passed, my interests and aesthetics changed; I am now more interested in building projects that incorporate storytelling with greater use of ambiguous and lyrical images to create a body of work within the theme of Place and personal identity

My website galleries are divided into Travel and Ongoing Interests. My project work is located under the heading of Ongoing Interests.

Thanks for visiting my small space on the internet. I hope you enjoy and connect with what you see here. 

-Michael Richardson