I’m a long-time Bay Area resident and photographer. I’m very interested in responding to the beautiful, but fast-fading differences in world cultures, demographics and geography. I am originally from from Philadelphia, Pa., but I now live on a quiet tree-lined street in Oakland Ca. with my wife, Sandy, and our two cats.

 I took most of the images on this site on extended trips to Europe, South America, North Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, the Southwest U.S., and Hawaii. Other gallery photos focus on the street photography in the Bay Area.

For me, photography works on many levels, but at its best, it’s primarily an aesthetic and emotional experience. If the the subject doesn’t affect me emotionally in some way, it does not have much interest for me and it probably won’t make a connection with others who see it. I think the power of photography resides solely with the photographer and not photographic “gear” or equipment.  For me, a big part of growing as a photographer is the increasing ability to see interesting things in ordinary places. In this context, the camera is just a tool that helps expand on the concept of what it really means to “see.”


-Michael Richardson